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Majority of people with physical limitations use Bluetooth headsets to access there phone. Here is a list of headsets that are available over the counter. Also included is links to the different voice commands available on the Apple and Android phones.

Explain some features about Bluetooth Headsets.
Bluetooth Headsets are like cordless headphones, except they also have a microphone built into them. The closer this microphone is to the individuals mouth the clearer their speech will be heard on the other line. Most Bluetooth Headsets have built in voice activation systems, what they can do totally depends on the make and model. Most of these units will have a feature in them that you can say something to answer a call, but the majority of Bluetooth Headset require the individual to push a button on them to make a call or activate the voice prompt features.
Thus, one of the most important features about a Bluetooth Headset for an individual with physical limitations is how assessable is this button the headset. A common practice is to select a Headset with the activation switch on the outside of the headset. What this means is the individual can hit the activation switch by pushing this switch against their headrest.

Every Bluetooth device has to be "paired" with the device they want to work with. What "pairing' means is to create a link to each other. Here is a couple of links how to do it on the iPhone and Android based phones.

How To Pair Bluetooth On The iPhone

How To Pair Bluetooth On Android

Here is a list of Bluetooth Headset with the activation switch on the outside of the device.

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset
Download MotoSpeak App to dictate texts hands-free and to hear texts read through your headset. Optimized for Android-powered 2.2 or higher devices.
HX550 cancels twice as much background noise as Plantronics' comparable product*. You can hear and be heard with CrystalTalk dual-mic noise cancellation.
The first headset that lets you choose how you want to wear it from three options - on your ear, in-ear with an earhook or in-ear without a hook.
The unique RapidConnect feature lets you handle calls with just a flip. Simply flip open to turn on and talk, flip closed to turn off and save power.

Plantronics M55 Bluetooth headset
Use your voice, not your hands

The Plantronics M55™ Bluetooth® headset lets you do more with your voice – just say “answer” to take calls without pressing buttons. DeepSleep® mode lets the M55 stay charged for up to five months, so it’s ready when you want to hear music, Internet radio, or simply take a call.

Take calls without pressing a button—just say “answer”
DeepSleep® mode extends battery readiness for up to five months
Hear music, videos, driving directions, and more from your smartphone
Voice alerts whisper talk time, battery level, and more
Enhances clarity on wideband-enabled smartphones
Reduces noise, wind, and echo from calls
Fits comfortably in either ear

Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset
The Smart Bluetooth Headset with HD Audio
With rich audio, unsurpassed call clarity and industry best wind noise reduction the BlueAnt Q2 is the best sounding Bluetooth headset ever built.
This smart Bluetooth headset comes packed with more advanced features than any other headset on the market today. The Q2 includes a comprehensive voice recognition command set, text to speech technology that announces the names of incoming callers, voice access to a world of information and incoming SMS readout. *
Superior Sound
When BlueAnt engineers designed the Q2 they selected the best audio components available for a Bluetooth headset.
The Q2's high quality speaker is precision tuned and tested in a professional sound studio, with advanced equalization to sculpt the sound and provide incredibly smooth incoming audio.
Combined with state-of-the-art noise elimination and intelligent adaptive controls, the Q2 offers mega clear, mega loud sound without distortion.
The dual high-performance microphones have been optimised to provide the highest integrity signal and ensure that your voice is heard clearly and accurately under almost any conditions.
Extremely Easy To Use
BlueAnt is aware of the inherent frustrations that typically go along with using a Bluetooth device.
It starts with the setup process and goes all the way through to saying good night to your daughter as you are on your way to your big presentation on the other side of the world.
You don't have time to be bothered with reading a manual so the instructions are built right in to the technology. It's our passion and focus on delivering the next level of Bluetooth innovation that will always allow you to Simply Connect.

50 Google Now Voice Commands
I do 50 Google Now voice commands to demonstrate what Google Now is capable of. I ask a wide variety of questions ranging from everything from sports and stocks to conversions and funny easter eggs. I do all of these commands on a Nexus 5 running on Android 4.4, however most of these are available to nearly every recent Android phone (with updated Google Now app).

50 Siri Voice Commands
I go over 50 different Siri voice commands on the iPhone 5S which help demonstrate what Apple's virtual assistant is currently capable of. Siri was being used on an iPhone 5S running iOS 7 in the video.

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