Accessible Motorized Pan-Tilt Camera Mount


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The package includes the Accessible Motorized Pan-Tilt camera mount. It attaches between a tripod and camera and enables panning and tilting the camera from single switch (not included) access. The motorized mount will accept any accessible switch with a 3.5mm male mono jack. Two independent motors operate the pan and tilt motion at set speeds. The head supports camera loads of up to 1.0 lb. The mounting points are a 1/4" mount thread and nut underneath (can be adapted for any wheel chair mount) and a 1/4" camera mount stud above. Compatible cameras are Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic/Lumix


  • Single switch scanable device  with LED’s for; PAN +/-, TILT +/- and Click for picture
  • Adjustable scan rate
  • Rotation for PAN is +/- 80 and for TILT is +/-50
  • Motorized mount is powered by 24V from wheelchair charge port, power cable with SLR connector provided.

Optional Accessories:

  • 4” LCD screen, to view live feed (must be a feature of the camera) or saved pictures, HDMI cable will be provided to be compatible with camera (model and make of camera must be known).
  • Mounting options for wheelchairs available.

Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario
Tel: 647-479-7980