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NovaSwitch is truly a unique device for individuals with physical limitations. The NovaSwitch enables the user to access two switch enabled devices from one switch. Clients with single switch access can now benefit from activating two devices with the NovaSwitch. The NovaSwitch will eliminate having numerous switches on your wheelchair tray. The NovaSwitch has 3 ports, one port interfaces to any input switch available in the market, and the two output ports can interface to any switch enabled device you want to control, which can be a Speech Generating Device, Single Messaging Devices, wireless door openers, switch enabled toys, switch enabled EADL’s, ON/OFF and Mode Changes on a wheelchair.

The NovaSwitch can be customized for your best access method with 4 modes of Operation:

  • Short hold activates output/ 1 and long hold activates output 2
  • Long hold toggles between output 1 and output 2 and vice versa, short hold activates device in current mode
  • Short hold activates output 1 first switch hit and output 2 on second switch hit.
  • For clients with one switch site also used as a resting position, the switch can be configured to activate on first switch hit and ignore while they are resting on switch hit.

The NovaSwitch can be powered through an interface to your wheelchair, or through a 3V coin cell battery. We at Novalte Inc. will be able to customize the functionality of the Novaswitch to meet the unique access requirements of our clients. We will work closely with your Occupational Therapist to make sure that you as the clients benefit the most out of accessing your devices with the switch.

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