Novalte provides a wide-offering of services to individuals with physical limitations that will assist them in feeling safe and independent in all areas of their life. The following are situations in which Novalte promoted safety, independence, and communication for their clients;



“A client with safety concerns and  limited mobility had only the use of a single switch site and so could only access either the apartment door opener, use the phone or the attendant alert pendant.

Novalte, collaborated with the client and their Occupational Therapist and suggested the NovaSwitch and modifications to the door opener and the attendant alert pendant.

The client now uses a single switch to open the door and use the phone when in the wheelchair and when in bed the client has access to the phone and the attendant alert pendant.

The client now feels safer living independently. ”



“A client with physical limitations had transitioned out of an acute care hospital into independent living.  The client was frustrated with having to wait for the only attendant at the facility to change the position of their motorized bed or to change the TV channel.

Novalte worked in conjunction with the client and the community Occupational Therapist and set the client up with independent access to their smartphone from bed, an accessible bed controller and WiFi TV controls via the smart phone.

The client now feels a sense of independence, not having to depend on someone else.



“A self-employed client with a physical disability needed the use of a computer for business. The client requested an assessment of their environment to decide on the best method to make the computer accessible to suit their needs.

Novalte worked with the client and decided to provide the client remote mouse access through the client wheelchair joystick, we also provided the client access to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to protect the computer through a single switch.

The client now has the ability to communicate independently and securely in their business.


Novalte Provide the following Services:

  • Assessments for Assistive Technology and Access
  • Design and development of access solutions for clients with Assistive Technology needs
  • Design, development and customization of control solutions for client Assistive Technology
  • Project management and implementation of home automation for transition clients with Assistive Technology needs
  • Consultancy Services for Client Accessibility at independent living centers, private residences & places of businesses
  • Build power supplies for powering up communication devices through wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair powered speakers
  • Computer Switch Interface emulating cursor movements
  • Service and Maintenance of existing Assistive Technology

Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario
Tel: 647-479-7980