What are EADL’s

Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL), also known as Environmental Control Units (ECUs), are devices used by individuals with mobility impairments to manipulate one or more electronic devices. EADLs are particularly useful for individuals with quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. New technology brings about new opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities to become more independent in their lives by having control over their environment. EADL’s are specialized devices or controls for devices that can help someone with physical limitations to control areas of their environment including the telephone, doors, and media units.

Essentially any device that can be controlled electronically can be controlled via an EADL, including:

  • Doors
  • Telephones
  • Alert Systems
  • Hospital Beds
  • Computers
  • Game Controllers
  • Multimedia
  • Lights, Curtains, Fans, Heating and Air Systems

How can EADL’S benefit your client?

Priority EADL’S:

  • Door openers, telephones and alert systems are a major requirement, for a client in an independent living setting;
  • Door openers enable a client to independently vacate their apartment in an emergency
  • Telephones with client specific access requirements, can help call for help
  • Alert systems can be setup to monitor ventilator priority alarms/bed motion sensors, and automatically notify the attendant, simulating a hospital setup

Bed Controls:
Research has shown that clients with physical limitations, if moved at regular intervals can reduce the chances of developing bedsores(pressure ulcers). Clients with accessible bed controls can take responsibility for their own repositioning while in bed, thus reducing the chances of developing bed sores.

Some clients with physical limitations have difficulty accessing their multimedia setup to change the channel/volume on the TV. Calls are made to care attendants to do these mundane tasks numerous times during the day. EADL’s are the way to increase independence to the client and freeing up the caregivers to attend to more needed tasks.

The EADL devices listed above, serve to minimize the risk to the facility/client and also reduces the workload on an already overworked caregiver. These devices assist the client with independence, and to take an active role in decision making in their day to day living. An important part of being independent for these clients is the knowledge of knowing that if they need assistance, it is just a switch click away @ Novalte Inc.



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