The Managed Service for Independence

Our mission at Novalte is to provide the greatest degree of independence for those we serve. We work to remove barriers that impede the optimal use of the equipment and devices available to the client. We are also a key source of information for caregivers, freeing them up to focus on the most important client interactions.

A seamless platform for independence

Smart devices offer a wide range of capabilities, but they can be challenging to learn, interact with, and troubleshoot. Novalte makes it easy. Designed with over a decade of hands-on experience assisting hundreds of individuals with every degree of mobility issue, Novalte integrates existing smart technologies into a single intuitive platform; providing a user interface best suited for the individual’s specific environment and needs. 

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Serving the entire Circle of Care

The result is our comprehensive service that benefits both client and caregiver. Clients are empowered to control their environment with a method that best meets their needs - leveraging the technologies available to them. Caregivers benefit from Novalte’s continuous data collection and analysis, which provide insights into client-device interactions and device status, thus freeing caregivers to focus less on transactional care and more on high-value client interactions.

Circle of Care diagram