Long Term Care

Maximizing independence to both clients and caregivers

The emitto™ service promotes a feeling of self-reliance and confidence when clients know they are requesting meaningful help. Morale among caregivers likewise improves since they can focus more on high-value client interactions, which is why they entered the profession.


A more fulfilling experience for less effort. Simply put - emitto™ makes life easier

  • Residents have a higher quality of life, more independence, and greater peace of mind
  • Nursing staff can better allocate their time and provide higher levels of care
  • emitto™ offers a strong ROI. *see March of Dimes research statistics

Long Term Care diagram

Our patented emitto™ Hub seamlessly connects existing smart technologies into a single platform with an intuitive user-interface tailored for the individual’s environment and needs. The service is extremely flexible and can adapt to a wide range of locations and settings.

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