Our Managed Service

The emitto™ managed service empowers the client and optimizes staff time

Our patented emitto™ Hub seamlessly connects existing smart technologies into a single platform; providing an intuitive user-interface best suited for the individual’s environment and needs. The service is extremely flexible and can adapt to a wide range of locations and settings.

The result is our comprehensive service that greatly benefits both client and caregiver. Clients are empowered to control their environment with much less reliance on staff. Staff members are less reactive and can better manage their time around the most important client interactions.  

Managed care

The emitto™ platform manages all smart device communications in the client's environment via the emitto™ Hub. Client-Device Interaction Data (CDID) is collected, anonymized and secured before sending to the cloud for storage and additional analysis. Analysis of the CDID facilitates refinement to our remote training curriculum which then helps both client and caregiver maximize the features of our service.

March of Dimes Research Project Validates Time Savings

In 2018, Novalte partnered with March of Dimes on a research project to measure the effectiveness of a service that allows clients to live more independently. The results were impressive. The positive psychological effects for the client were expected and realized. The research also found that this service saved caregivers close to an hour per day on mundane tasks such as adjusting lights, turning on TV, or controlling the bed. Residents can now take care of most tasks themselves allowing caregivers to focus their time on more complex care needs.

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Watch the March of Dimes video to learn more about emitto™ service