Success Stories

See what a few of our clients have to say about the Novalte experience.

See how Novalte helps Jackie


For 21 years I’ve been waiting for something like this...

I just can’t tell you how much easier my life has been since I’ve had this. Compared to getting somebody in here at all times just for simple little things, now I can do it and it’s very satisfactory for me.

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Greg C.

I can’t imagine going back to life without the device.

“I use the emitto™ and it gives me the independence to operate all my things in my apartment. I suggest this product because it will give you independence and it will give you the freedom to succeed!

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See how Novalte helps Greg

Paul V.

I’d recommend Novalte for anyone who has the desire to live independently and have control over their environment.

“Since my diagnosis, I haven’t had functional movement below my shoulders. Novalte was recommended to me by my life skills educator as my treatment assessment plan. [They have] allowed me to control the environment inside my house with Google Home.”

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See how Novalte helps Paul

Ken C.

Working with the Novalte was very positive and well worth my time – everything has met my expectations and I would recommend this company to anyone.

“As a result of health issues, I was presented with the diagnosis of needing a Trachea. As much as it gave me quality of life back, I was faced with a weaker voice. Since I work over the phone and people need to be able to hear me, I was referred to Michael and the Novalte team.

After explaining my situation and what I needed to continue working, Michael immediately set up an appointment in my home.

After a quick quote and assessment, Fredrico arrived with the equipment and installed everything I needed to continue working. He didn’t leave until everything was working correctly.

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Kym P.

Now it makes me a lot more independent. If I need certain things done, I can do it myself. It’s certainly has made life more livable. The technology is absolutely fantastic…

The ability to control the lights is Kym’s favourite feature. Kym shared that “the lights are an important feature of the emitto™ because you can sleep at night without having to leave the lights on. I get a much better sleep and it certainly saves the hydro bills too. Nobody ever thinks of that.”

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